From the February 23, 1982, Deseret News

DIAL M FOR MURDER — Ray Milland, Grace Kelly, Robert Cummings, John Williams; directed by Alfred Hitchcock; rated PG (violence).

With a number of new 3-D projects upcoming, it's only natural that those studios with old 3-D movies on the shelves would re-release them before the parade passes by.

"House of Wax," the Vincent Price-Charles Bronson 3-D horror movie (made in 1953 when Bronson was Buchinski) is in general release around the country, and "Dial M For Murder" and "The Fantastic Invasion of Planet Earth" are in the Salt Lake area now.

"Dial M," of course, is the Hitchcock classic that was shot in 3-D in 1954 but never released that way. And it holds up as a good little thriller, with adept performances by all. (If you ever doubted Ray Milland's talent, this is the picture to confirm it for you.) There is also witty dialogue to spare, and the Hitchcock touch will move you along and involve you enough that you'll eventually forget you're wearing those silly tinted glasses. (Can you spot Hitch's traditional walk-on?)

And that's just as well, since there only two real attempts to jolt the 3-D audience — one during the attempted murder sequence, another when the latch key is held out to the camera — but there is a certain depth of presence that 3-D lends, and that is noticeable here.