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EDITOR’S NOTE: Even by modern (or 1980s modern) standards, this one is pretty terrible, stealing from other, better movies, and made on a budget of loose change. Still, the Shout! Factory must figure someone wants to see it, since the label has upgraded the film to Blu-ray with a new release. My review was published in the Deseret News on Jan. 25, 1982.


Except for the excessive gore, “Galaxy of Terror” is really just an old-fashioned monster movie, with ugly creatures popping up every 10 minutes or so to scare the audience.


And the plot, which isn’t’ particularly fresh, consists of the old saw about our creating our own fearful monsters – used to much better effect in “Forbidden Planet” and countless other sci-fi productions.


But the worst aspect of this very bad movie is that “Galaxy of Terror” is as stale in its technical aspects as it is in its story. The sets look left over from “Alien” (as does a good deal of the lighting and developmental plotline) and “Outland,” and the slimy, oozing monsters are sillier than they are scary.




                Erin Moran, 'Galaxy of Terror' (1982)


Besides, how can you take a horror movie seriously when the heroine of the piece is the little sister on “Happy Days” — Erin Moran?


Anyway, the story has a rescue mission thwarted by the fact that the ship’s crew is being knocked off one by one while searching a strange planet for survivors of an earlier mission.


If you’ve noticed that the newspaper ad for this film looks like the cover of a comic book, it’s appropriate — the movie’s like a comic book. Only not nearly so animated.


Moran is telepathic, though she doesn’t seem to be able to use her power and repeatedly utters such lines as, “I can’t feel a thing but I don’t like it here.”




And just in case the violence and gore wasn’t enough to get the R rating, the filmmakers decided to make things as lurid as possible. One of the monsters is a tiny worm that grows to gigantic proportions and vacuums a woman to death – taking off her clothes in the process.


“Galaxy of Terror” is sort of a “Beach Party Disembowelment in Outer Space” (all of the older members of the cast are the first to die), with a little “Journey to the Center of the Earth” thrown in.


But mostly, it’s a waste of time.


“Galaxy of Terror” is rated R for violence and nudity.