Edmund Gwenn, Natalie Wood in which of the movies below?

For, Friday, Dec. 19, 2014

EDITOR'S NOTE: For a series of movie quizzes in the 1980s that we called "Screen Test," I teamed up with the late William S. Goodfellow, the classical-music critic for the Deseret News and also quite a film buff. This one was published Dec. 23, 1983.

'Tis the night before Christmas Eve, and we've come up with 12 movies that feature Christmas as a prominent setting (there are many more, of course). From the descriptions below can you name each film?

  1. A young girl who is dying of leukemia wants desperately to dance in "The Nutcracker" before she dies.
  2. In this frenetic comedy, a racetrack gambler is ordered to pay up or else.
  3. In the 1940s, a young man wants nothing more for Christmas than a Red Ryder air rifle.
  4. A wealthy father learns his young son is going to die and tries to improve his relationship with the boy.
  5. Two French nuns in New England get local people to help them build a children's dispensary.
  6. Two entertainers fall in love with the same woman after one opens a roadhouse devoted to holiday themes.
  7. In the Old West, three bandits find a child in the desert whom they decide to raise.
  8. A man insists he is the real Santa Claus, and eventually must prove it in court.
  9. Detective Philip Marlowe investigates a murder, with the camera taking his point of view exclusively.
  10. Two entertainers who were Army buddies turn their old general's failing resort into a yuletide success.
  11. A prosecutor falls in love with a shoplifter after her trial is postponed.
  12. Two children enjoy a festive Swedish holiday at the turn of the century, until their father dies.

ANSWERS: 1. "Six Weeks" (1982); 2. "The Lemon Drop Kid" (1951); 3. "A Christmas Story" (1983); 4. "The Christmas Tree" (1969); 5. "Come to the Stable" (1949); 6. "Holiday Inn" (1942); 7. "Three Godfathers" (1916/1936/1948); 8. "Miracle on 34th Street" (1947); 9. "Lady in the Lake" (1947); 10. "White Christmas" (1954); 11. Remember the Night"(1940); 12. "Fanny and Alexander" (1982).