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For, Friday, Jan. 10, 2019

A pair of Academy Award hopefuls, along with a horror yarn and a broad comedy, lead off this weekend’s new movies. Good luck.

“1917” (R). Based partly on a true story, this World War I drama has two young British soldiers on a mission to call off a planned attack before the enemy is able to ambush a battalion of 1,600 men. Filmmaker Sam Mendes (Oscar-winner for “American Beauty” and director of the last two James Bond films) just won two Golden Globes for this thriller, which was filmed to simulate one long take. With Mark Strong, Colin Firth and Benedict Cumberbach.

“Just Mercy” (PG-13). Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx star in this true story of a young, crusading attorney who pledges to get a wrongly convicted man of death row in Alabama. With Brie Larson, Tim Blake Nelson and Rafe Spall.

“Underwater” (PG-13). When an earthquake devastates a bottom-of-the-ocean laboratory, it forces a crew of underwater researchers to scramble to safety, but then they encounter a ravenous sea creature. From the trailer this one appears to be a cross between “Alien” and “The Abyss.” With Kristen Stewart, Vincent Cassell and T.J. Miller.


“Like a Boss” (R). Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne star in this broad revenge comedy as best friends who start up a beauty company and think their dreams are secure when benefactor Salma Hayek steps in to help, but soon they are deflated when Hayek begins stealing their ideas. With Jennifer Coolidge and Billy Porter.

“Ip Man 4: The Finale” (Not Rated, in Chinese with English subtitles.) In 1964, after the death of his wife and a diagnosis of throat cancer, Ip Man (Donnie Yen) travels to San Francisco where his friend Bruce Lee (again played by Danny Chan) has opened a Wing Chun school. This is the fourth and final entry in this Chinese martial arts franchise with Yen as an unassuming master of the Wing Chun art of self-defense.

“Three Christs” (R). The true story of a progressive psychiatrist (Richard Gere) in the 1960s who moves away from shock treatment and drugs for paranoid schizophrenics by having three patients (Peter Dinklage, Walton Goggins, Bradley Whitford), each believing he is Jesus Christ, confront each other since they agree there is only one son of God. With Julianna Margulies, Kevin Pollak, Stephen Root and Jane Alexander.