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For, Friday, Sept. 11, 2020


Jimmy Carter as the unlikely rockin’ and rollin’ president is the subject of a new documentary, and the only other three new movies this weekend are all horror films made well before the coronavirus rose up to disrupt our lives — and yet they seem oddly in sync with what we are all experiencing now.


Meanwhile, “Tenet,” “The Personal History of David Copperfield” and a wide array of independent films (though most are in the fright-flick category) are still showing in local theaters, nearly all of which remain open now


“Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President” (PG-13). The title may seem anachronistic at first but Carter, when he campaigned for the presidency, felt an affinity with the lyrics of Bob Dylan and the song stylings of Willie Nelson, and this light-hearted documentary suggests he was helped into the White House by the Allman Brothers! Carter himself, at 95, helps tell the story. (Exclusively at the Megaplex Gateway Theaters.)


“She Dies Tomorrow” (R). A woman tells a friend she’s going to die the next day, and soon the friend believes she too will be passing way the following day. Gradually they begin passing on what is apparently a psychological infection to others, resulting in a string of bloody deaths in this dark horror-satire. (Exclusively at the Redwood Drive-In.)




“Rent-A-Pal” (Not Rated). In 1990, a lonely bachelor (Brian Landis Folkins) caring for his dementia-suffering mother picks up the titular VHS tape that features an amiable host (Wil Wheaton) who becomes the protagonist’s only, albeit virtual, friend. But why does the dialogue on the tape change with each viewing? More isolationist terror. (Playing at several Megaplex multiplexes.)


“Alive” (R, in Korean with English subtitles). Here’s another zombie-apocalypse yarn that is eerily resonant with our ongoing pandemic as an unknown infection desolates the population, with the focus on a young isolated gamer who is fighting of flesh-eaters trying to break into his home. (Exclusively at the Megaplex Valley Fair Theaters.)


There aren’t many older films hanging around in local theaters anymore, although you can still find a handful here and there — “Ghostbusters,” “Raiders of the Lost Ark,”“Dirty Dancing,” “Inception” and “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.”


The only addition this weekend is the Tom Hanks dark comedy “The ’burbs”


As always, social distancing, masks, etc., are necessary to attend local theaters.