New Movies This Week New Movies This Week




For, Friday, Aug. 21, 2020

Local Cinemark multiplexes are opening up slowly with Jordan Landing last week and now Union Heights this weekend. More will join them next week, following the Megaplex playbook — new films (also on streaming sites) mixed with recent and somewhat-older classics. The Redwood Drive-In also remains open with a similar lineup.

Here are the “new” titles this weekend.

“Tesla” (PG-13). Ethan Hawke stars in this true story of eccentric early 20th century genius Nikola Tesla, whose many scientific contributions include alternating current (AC), early X-ray imaging and wireless electric power, but whose mental instability led to a tragic end. Kyle MacLachlan, Jim Gaffigan.

“Words On Bathroom Walls” (PG-13). A teenager diagnosed with schizophrenia dreams of becoming a chef and finds love in this drama based on a popular young-adult novel. Charlie Plummer, Andy Garcia, AnnaSophia Robb, Walton Goggins.

“Desert One” (Not Rated). Two-time Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Barbara Kopple breaks down the 1979 U.S. rescue mission to save hostages taken during the Iranian revolution.


“Unhinged” (R). Russell Crowe stars in this thriller as a mentally unstable stranger staling a young woman after a road-rage incident.

“The Vanished” (R). When their daughter goes missing during a camping trip, her parents (Thomas Jane, Anne Heche) go to the police, but when they fail to find any clues, the couple begin their own investigation. Jason Patric.

“Stage Mother” (R). A conservative church choir director (Jacki Weaver) inherits a drag club in San Francisco in this Canadian comedy-drama. With Lucy Liu.


“Cut Throat City” (R). Following Hurricane Katrina, four lifelong friends reluctantly agree to pull off a dangerous heist in New Orleans. Sameik Moore, Terrence Howard, Wesley Snipes, Isaiah Washington, Ethan Hawk.

“Peninsula” (Not Rated, in Korean with English subitltes). This sequel to “Train to Busan” is set four years later as a former soldier joins a group heading back to the zombie-infected area to retrieve bags of bucks, but, of course, everything goes wrong.

“The Pale Door” (PG-13). This western-horror film follows a gang of cowboys and a mysterious woman who seek shelter in a ghost town after a train robbery, unaware that a coven of witches and wolves occupies the town. With Stan Shaw.

And this week’s added “classics” (which I don’t think means what it used to mean) include “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” (in anticipation of the late-August release of “Bill & Ted Face the Music”), “Inception” (a 10-year anniversary release), “The Greatest Showman,” “The Bourne Legacy,” “The Avengers,” “School of Rock” and “Blade Runner 2049.”