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For, Friday, Dec. 2, 2016

Friday’s new movies are strictly independents, and there are only three of them, all going up against the major- studio holiday blockbusters that opened over the past couple of weeks — chiefly “Moana” and a couple that opened earlier, “Doctor Strange” and “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” which currently rule the box office.

“Believe” (PG). Faith film about a car dealer whose family has funded the community Christmas festival for years, but when the dealership goes under he feels he’s letting his neighbors down because he can no longer pay for it — until he meets a young boy who believes that anything is possible.

“Incarnate” (PG-13). Aaron Eckhart stars in this horror yarn about an unconventional exorcist who has had success by tapping into the subconscious of possessed persons, but who meets his match when an 11-year-old boy is plagued by a demon from the exorcist’s past.

“Man Down” (R). A battle-scarred Marine (Shia LaBeouf) returns from a tour in Afghanistan to a post-apocalyptic America only to find that his wife and son are missing. Co-stars include Kate Mara and Gary Oldman.