New Movies This Week New Movies This Week




For, Friday, Oct. 23, 2020


Three fright flicks lead off the five new movies opening in local theaters this weekend, appropriate as Halloween nears, I guess. Along with horror oldies to get you in the costume-wearing mood. As always, theaters are practicing mask-wearing and social distancing, and these films are already, or will soon be, online for your streaming pleasure.


“Murder in the Woods” (R). The plot is familiar — a group of teens gather in a remote cabin in the woods where a mysterious killer picks them off one by one. But early reviews suggest this is a dark sendup of the genre, lampooning slasher-flick cliches. Danny Trejo is in the cast.


“The Empty Man” (R). Teens from a small town in the Midwest are disappearing and all leads point to the titular local legend, which no one believes, of course — until a retired sheriff discovers what some locals are doing to conjure evil. Right. Based on a graphic novel.


“Synchronic” (R). Two New Orelans paramedics discover that a series of horrific local deaths are caused by a new synthetic designer drug. When one of the paramedics learns he hasn’t long to live, he begins buying up the drug to save others and discovers a time-travel pill. Right. Sci-fi horror with Jamie Dornan and Anthony Mackie.




“After We Collided” (R). Josephine Langford as Tessa and Hero Fiennes Tiffin as Hardin return for this sequel to last year’s PG-13-rated soap opera romance “After,” with Tessa beginning an internship with a publishing company, where she meets potential suitor who will give Hardin competition. Selma Blair also returns.


“Escape from Extinction” (Not Rated). Rare footage of endangered animals highlights this documentary with animal-welfare and conservation scientists making a plea to protect animals on all of Earth’s seven continents.


In addition to the new stuff, the original “Halloween” and the first “A Nightmare On Elm Street” are playing in Megaplex and Cinemark theaters, along with the 2018 “Halloween,” and over at the AMC theater in West Jordan, “The Conjuring” and “The Curse of La Llorna” continue. (AMC is also bring back “The Boss Baby” and “Jason Bourne” is at the )


If you prefer lighter Halloween-oriented fare, there’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” the original “Ghostbusters” and “Beetlejuice,” and for the younger set, “The Addams Family” (last year’s animated version), “Hocus Pocus,” “Monsters, Inc.” and “Casper.”


Also, “Ghost” has a two-day Cinemark and Megaplex run this weekend, courtesy of Fathom Events and Turner Classic Movies, and for small fry, the 2000 film of “Thomas and the Magic Railroad” will play Saturday only, another Fathom Events presentation.