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For, Friday, Feb. 22, 2019

The period between the Christmas holidays and the spring blockbusters often includes a miscellaneous array of cartoons and action films and broad comedies and art films, pictures that the studios don’t expect to do terribly well at the box office. But this week brings some that look surprisingly promising.

“How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” (PG). The final installment of this animated trilogy has Hiccup (voiced by Jay Baruchel) and his dragon Toothless rescuing more and more dragons until overcrowding motivates them to search for the dragon’s legendary safe haven, Hidden World. Meanwhile, they discover a white female dragon and Toothless is smitten. With America Ferrera, F. Murray Abraham, Cate Blanchett, Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson, Jonah Hill, Kristen Wiig and David Tennant.

“Fighting With My Family” (PG-13). Dwayne Johnson is an executive producer and has a cameo as himself in this comedy-drama based on the real-life exploits of Saraya “Paige” Bevis (Florence Pugh), who grew up in England in a house full of professional wrestlers and eventually was signed to compete for World Wrestling Entertainment, much to the chagrin of her brother who was passed over. With Nick Frost, Lena Headey and Vince Vaughn.


“Run the Race” (PG). Tim Tebow produced this faith/sports drama about two small-town brothers struggling in high school after their alcoholic father abandons his family. One is on the path to a football scholarship and promises to take his younger brother with him, but after he’s sidelined by a serious injury the younger brother decides to step up and earn a track scholarship with the same getting-out-of-town goal in mind. With Mykelti Williamson, Frances Fisher an Mario Van Peebles, with Tebow doing a cameo as himself.

“Arctic” (PG-13). This Icelandic film (in English) stars Mads Mikkelsen (TV’s “Hannibal”) as a man stranded in the Arctic after a plane crash. When a helicopter attempts a rescue and also crashes, he must decide whether to embark on a treacherous journey to get her medical help or just tough it out in his camp. (Exclusively at the Broadway Centre Cinemas.)

“Never Look Away” (R, in German with English subtitles). A German artist living in post-war West Germany is haunted by past sins committed during the Nazi regime. When he meets a student and falls in love with her he feels somewhat redeemed until her father is accused of being a Nazi war criminal. (Exclusively at the Broadway Centre Cinemas.)