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For, Friday, June 26, 2020

Everything old is new again at the movies, as older films continue to dominate the Megaplex theaters, which remain the only movie houses that have opened locally. (Cinemark opens its doors next weekend.)

This week there are a couple of new theatrical films in several Megaplex multiplexes, chiefly Jon Stewart’s R-rated political satire “Irresistible,” starring Steve Carell. But officially it’s a video on demand (VOD) release, available on multiple streaming sites, and the reviews are less than encouraging (at this writing, a paltry 39 percent on Rotten Tomatoes).


The other VOD release in Megaplex theaters this week is “Looks That Kill,” a dark romantic comedy that went to streaming sites last weekend, but, surprisingly there are no reviews available.

Otherwise, the titles this week aren’t all that far afield from last week’s, led by a pair of vintage blockbusters, “Jurassic Park” (1993) and “Jaws” (1975) — which is understandable since those were last weekend’s biggest box-office hits. “Back to the Future,” “E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial” and “The Goonies” were also in the top 10. (Steven Spielberg continues to rule!)


More recent titles among last weekend’s biggest hits (“biggest” being a relative term since so few theaters across the country are open) were the 2020 “The Invisible Man,” “Trolls World Tour,” “The Hunt,” “Jumanji: The Next Level” — and “Followed,” a new horror film that is not yet playing here.

A few of last week’s vintage titles have fallen away, while Megaplex has picked up “Gladiator,” “Mean Girls,” “50 First Dates,” “The Greatest Showman,” the 2009 “Star Trek,” “Mamma Mia!,” “Mission: Impossible: Fallout” and the “Hunger Games” quadrilogy.