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For, Friday, Dec. 14, 2018

Holiday/Oscar bait pictures opening this weekend are mostly quite dark, so if you have a black Santa hat, enjoy.

“The Mule” (R). After he is caught transporting $3 million worth of cocaine through Michigan for a Mexican drug cartel, a 90-year-old World War II veteran tells his story. Clint Eastwood stars and directed this allegedly true story. With Bradley Cooper, Laurence Fishburne, Michael Peña, Dianne Wiest and Andy Garcia.

“The Favourite” (R). This historical comedy-drama, set in 1708 England, tells the story of two cousins (Emma Stone, Rachel Weisz) who jockey for the position of favorite in the court of Queen Anne (Olivia Colman). With Nicholas Hoult.


“Roma” (R, in Spanish with English subtitles). Set in Mexico City during 1970 and ’71, this drama chronicles the day-to-day struggles of a large family when the father walks out. This is Mexico’s entry as a best foreign-language film Oscar nominee. (Exclusively at the Broadway Centre Cinemas.)

“Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” (PG). Animated feature with Spidey discovering that there are multiple realities and New Yorks where a variety of Spider-Men exist … along with a Spider-Woman. And a Spider-Pig. Voice actors include Shameik Moore, Jake Johnson, Hailee Steinfeld, Mahershala Ali, Lily Tomlin, Chris Pine, Liev Schreiber, Nicolas Cage, and, yes, Stan Lee.

“Mortal Engines” (PG-13). Peter Jackson (“Lord of the Rings”) co-wrote and co-produced this post-apocalyptic fantasy adventure about a young woman (Hera Hilmar) destined to stop a giant predator city on wheels that devours everything in its path. With Hugo Weaving and Stephen Lang, along with a cameo by Jackson.


“Vox Lux” (R). Natalie Portman headlines this pop-musical drama that covers 18 years in the life of Celeste Montgomery, a Christian girl who is wounded in a school shooting at age 14, then sings a song written by her sister about the event and is launched into pop stardom. With Jude Law, Jennifer Ehle, and narrated by Willem Dafoe.

“Anna and the Apocalypse” (R). Just when you couldn’t imagine a zombie mash-up that hasn’t already been done, here comes a Christmas zombie musical. Ella Hunt plays the title character, enlisting friends to help her fend off zombies at Christmastime … while singing.

“The House That Jack Built” (R). This is the story of a highly intelligent serial killer (Matt Dillon) whose lethal talents are developed over a 12-year spree. With Bruno Ganz and Uma Thurman. (Exclusively at the Tower Theater.)