For, Aug. 2, 2013

Many of Alfred Hitchcock's best movies — and that's a large and enviable track record — have been collected for a month-long series at the Broadway Centre Cinemas in downtown Salt Lake City. Three movies will have a weeklong run in August, then be switched out with another three for the next week.

Playing Friday, Aug. 2, through Thursday, Aug. 8:

"Spellbound" (1945, b/w), starring Gregory Peck as the new chief of a Vermont mental hospital and Ingrid Bergman as a staff doctor who figures out that Peck is more neurotic than his patients — and that he may have killed the doctor he is replacing. Bergman vows to get to the bottom of the mystery, and among the convolutions is a hallucinogenic nightmare sequence designed by artist Salvador Dali. Not Hitchcock's very best but still quite good. (Noon and 9:30 p.m.)

"The 39 Steps" (1935, b/w) is one of Hitchcock's early classics from his British period and it establishes more firmly the motif he had toyed with in a couple of earlier pictures, the innocent man accused of a crime who goes on the run to clear himself. In this case it revolves around a plot to steal military secrets involving spies and assassins and Robert Donat as the innocent. Suspenseful, very funny, well plotted, and the direction is Hitch at the top of his game. (4 p.m.)

"Shadow of a Doubt" (1943, b/w) is the film Hitchcock often cited as his favorite among his own works, about the subject of a nationwide manhunt for the notorious "Merry Widow Murderer" (Joseph Cotten), who returns to his small-town home to stay with relatives who haven't a clue as to his true character. But his niece, Charlie (Teresa Wright), who is named after him, begins to suspect, and as she gets closer to the truth Uncle Charlie realizes he'll have to take care of her. Tense and filled with memorable characters, including Hume Cronyn providing comic relief as a local amateur detective. (7 p.m.)

Coming up: "Rear Window," "The Lady Vanishes," "To Catch a Thief," "Strangers on a Train," "The Birds," "Psycho," "North By Northwest," "Vertigo" and more. Click here for the full schedule.