For, Aug. 15, 2014

After "Halloween," "The Fog," "Escape From New York," "The Thing" and "Christine," filmmaker John Carpenter took a step away from fright flicks for a light-hearted sci-fi romance, "Starman."

And following that very successful effort, Carpenter went even further afield with "Big Trouble in Little China" (1986, PG-13), which includes some supernatural elements but has a lot more comedy, starring Kurt Russell as a macho trucker named Jack Burton, a cross between Rambo, Indiana Jones and Inspector Clouseau.

He's also a redneck male chauvinist that could have been an insufferable jerk were it not for Russell's ability to infuse him with warmth, and for some of the very funny things he's called on to do.

Jack also has a martial arts, butt-kicking sidekick (Dennis Dun), who turns out to be more of a hero than Jack ever thought about.


 Cattral, left, Russell, Dun and Suzee Pai, 'Big Trouble in Little China'

Russell and Dun are a great team, and their camaraderie and obvious affection for each other helps the buddy vibe here as they find themselves mixed up with a 2,000-year-old ghost, a sorcerer in search of a green-eyed woman to sacrifice so he can become human again.

Victor Wong has a spirited experience in 'Big Trouble ...'

That woman turns out to be a very young Kim Cattrall, who also provides some romance for Jack. And veteran Asian actors James Hong and Victor Wong are also quite good.

You can catch "Big Trouble in Little China" at the Tower Theater on Friday and Saturday, Aug. 15 and 16, at 11 p.m., and on Sunday, Aug. 17, at noon.