For, Friday, May 8, 2015

Reese Witherspoon, Sofia Vergara, Diane Keaton, Morgan Freeman, Kristen Wiig, Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Marsden (twice) are among the stars in new movies opening this weekend.

“Hot Pursuit” (PG-13) is Reese Witherspoon’s attempt to replicate the success of Sandra Bullock’s 2013 R-rated hit “The Heat,” in which she was a straight-laced FBI agent partnered with slovenly cop Melissa McCarthy. Here, the formula is flipped a bit, with Witherspoon as a straight-laced cop partnered with Sofia Vergara as the flamboyant widow of a drug lord and it’s rated PG-13. But there’s still lots of running, shooting and crude jokes.

“The D Train” (R). Raunchy comedy with Jack Black as the insecure head of a high school reunion committee who thinks he will be seen as cool if he can recruit a member of the graduating class (James Marsden) that is now a celebrity model with a popular commercial. In the process, Marsden takes over Black’s life.

“5 Flights Up” (PG-13). Domestic comedy with Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton as a long-married couple overwhelmed by the laundry list of issues that surface when they decide to sell their Brooklyn walk-up. Co-stars include Cynthia Nixon and Carrie Preston. (Exclusively at the Broadway Centre Cinemas.)

“Welcome to Me” (R). Dark comedy about a woman with Borderline Personality Disorder (Kristen Wiig) who strikes it rich with the lottery. So she goes off her meds and buys her own TV talk show, where her alternately dull and explosive antics create an unexpected sensation. James Marsden co-stars in this one too, along with Tim Robbins and Joan Cusack. (Exclusively at the Tower Theater.)

“Maggie” (PG-13). This unusual horror film takes a more dramatic approach to an otherwise overworked subject, people infected by zombies who transform and become cannibalistic. Abigail Breslin is the title character who is undergoing the transformation and Arnold Schwarzenegger (yes, that Arnold Schwarzenegger) is her loving, supportive father. Joely Richardson co-stars. (Exclusively at the Tower Theater.)

“The Salt of the Earth” (PG-13). Documentary follows photographer Sebastiao Salgado — who has captured images of many major historical events over the past 40 years — as he embarks on a globetrotting photographic tribute to the planet’s beauty. Wim Wenders narrates. (Exclusively at the Broadway Center Cinemas.)