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EDITOR’S NOTE: A few times during the 1980s I relinquished by movie-reviewing duties at the Deseret News to my young children for certain kiddie-oriented flicks, such as ‘The Care Bears Movie.” Hey, you say ‘lazy,’ I say ‘loving parent’ — ‘tomay-toes, tomah-toes.’ This review was published on March 31, 1985, under the headline ‘Care Bears’ a cut above most animated film fare.’ And if you think that headline’s a bit much, remember that in 1985 we only had a few animated features each year, unlike the deluge we get nowadays.

By Angela, Melanie and David Hicks (as told to their father, Christopher Hicks, Deseret News film critic)

EDITOR’S NOTEOK, so it’s not “Pinocchio” or “Snow White,” or even “The Secret of NIMH.” It’s still a lot better than last year’s “The Smurfs and the Magic Flute.” And it’s also a cut above most Saturday morning cartoon fare.

Our film critic’s main irritation with movies like “The Care Bears Movie” is an inherent bias; he doesn’t approve of his children having to grow up with inferior animation. While he was raised during the end of the Disney era, at least “Alice in Wonderland,” “Peter Pan,” “Sleeping Beauty,” “101 Dalmations,” “The Sword in the Stone” and “The Jungle Book” were all created during his youth.

Why then, he contends, should his children be subjected to spinoffs of merchandise, like “Strawberry Shortcake,” “My Little Pony” and “The Care Bears.” That’s akin to building a movie around Cheerios.

But since he admits “The Care Bears Movie” is better than most, three of his youngest children review this one, in an effort to give it a fair shake.

THE CARE BEARS MOVIE … INTRODUCING THE CARE BEAR COUSINS --*** -- Voices of Mickey Rooney, Georgia Engel; songs by John Sebastian (title song by Carole King); preceded by a “Strawberry Shortcake” cartoon short; rated G.

ANGELA (age 7): I liked this movie a lot. It was really good.

MELANIE (age 5): I liked it a lot, too.

DAVID (age 3): I want to see “Return of the Jedi.”


ANGELA: The Care Bears were helping to get Nicholas not to be bad like the evil spirit. That evil spirit made him bad and he was doing bad things, but the Care Bears helped him so he was good again.

MELANIE: I liked the part when he was good again, that was the best

DAVID: I liked “Strawberry Shortcake.”

ANGELA: It was scary when he was made all bad, and he was doing evil spells. I didn’t like that very much. But I liked it when the Care Bears met all the little animals, they were cute. And it was funny when the Care Bear fell into the cloud and got up with a beard like Santa Claus.

MELANIE: I liked it when the Care Bears used the stuff on their stomachs to make Nicholas be good again. That was pretty.

DAVID: I want to see “Return of the Jedi.”

MELANIE: And I liked all the Care Bear Cousins, too.

ANGELA: They aren’t Care Bear Cousins, they’re in the Care Bear Family.

MELANIE: Huh-uh, Care Bear Cousins.


ANGELA: (Spoken aside, so Melanie won’t hear) Well, they were Care Bear Cousins, but now they’re in the Care Bear Family. (Speaking aloud again) I liked it because they teach you to care about each other, and I think we should care about each other and love each other.

MELANIE: If I got a scary book like that and an evil spirit tried to get me to do bad things, I’d just throw it in the trashcan.

ANGELA: I’d try to ignore it.

MELANIE: Mostly, though, I liked the Care Bears ’cause they’re so cute.

ANGELA: I liked the songs about Care-A-Lot, how it would be fun to live there. I think kids should go and see it.

MELANIE: Me, too.

DAVID: I want to see “Return of the Jedi.”