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For, Friday, March 3, 2017

This weekend’s six new movies don’t include any that are particularly original, with one possible exception. Leading the way are a Utah-made teen comedy, a true-life drama that tells a little-known story, and an R-rated superhero (no, not “Deadpool II”), along with a raunchy (albeit PG-13) comedy, a faith film and still another teen flick, which uses a gimmick that is all too familiar.

“Tim Timmerman, Hope of America” (PG-13). The title character is a Utah high school senior and student body president, circa 1994. He’s trying to manipulate his way into Yale University, but when he is disgraced and impeached, he looks for another way to achieve his goals. Family-friendly teen comedy produced by the video-filtering company VidAngel. Filmed in Utah.

“A United Kingdom” (PG-13). David Oyelowo stars in this true story, set in 1948, as an African prince (of the country now called Botswana) who falls in love with and eventually marries a London office worker (Rosamund Pike). But their interracial marriage is frowned upon by both sets of parents, as well as both countries’ governments, and it doesn’t help that apartheid is in force.

“Logan” (R). This “X-Men” sequel is set in the near future as Logan, aka Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), nurses ailing Professor X (Patrick Stewart) near the Mexican border, hiding from the world that seeks to marginalize mutants — until a young female mutant shows up, pursued by dark forces. Reputedly Jackman’s final performance as this character, and he pushed to make it an R-rated film with more graphic violence and harsher expletives than allowed in the earlier PG-13 iterations.


“Table 19” (PG-13). A woman (Anna Kendrick) who was to be her best friend’s maid of honor is kicked to the curb by the best man, via text, but she decides to attend the wedding anyway — only to discover she’s been placed at a table with a group of strangers, and they gradually realize it’s been branded the “losers” table. With Lisa Kudrow, Craig Robinson and Margo Martindale.

“The Shack” (PG-13). After his daughter is murdered during a camping trip in the Oregon wilderness, a man (Sam Worthington) suffers a crisis of faith. But then he is drawn back to scene of the crime, where he meets three people who seem to personify the Trinity. Co-starring Octavia Spencer, Graham Greene, Radha Mitchell and Tim McGraw.

“Before I Fall” (PG-13). A high school girl (Zoey Deutch) is living the dream, hanging with the cool kids and tacitly approving their bullying of other girls, until an auto accident places her in a strange time rift, causing her to relive the day of the accident over and over. Yes, it appears to be a teen version of “Groundhog Day.” With Jennifer Beals.