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For, Friday, Oct. 27, 2017

There’s a PG movie in the mix of new films opening this weekend, a rarity all by itself. Let’s hope it makes money and sends a signal to the studio that everything doesn’t have to contain offensive material.

“Goodbye Christopher Robin” (PG). Domhnall Gleason stars in this true story as A.A. Milne, whose young son Christopher Robin Milne inspires his Winnie the Pooh books, then becomes a pint-size celebrity, which becomes worrisome to his father. Margot Robbie and Kelly Macdonald co-star.

“Suburbicon” (R). George Clooney directed this very dark comedy from a script by the Coen brothers, apparently reaching for their off-kilter sensibility in the story of a deceptively quiet 1950s suburban community that is turned upside down by a home invasion that leads to violence and mayhem. Matt Damon, Julianne Moore and Oscar Isaac star.


“Thank You For Your Service” (R). Miles Teller stars in this true story of a Marine sergeant whose tours in Iraq have taken a toll as he suffers from PTSD and has trouble realizing that his wife (Haley Bennett) is suffering along with him. Amy Schumer is among the co-stars. Based on David Finkel’s non-fiction book.

“Let There Be Light” (PG-13). Kevin Sorbo stars and directed this film about a famous atheist who re-examines his life when he almost dies in an auto accident. Sorbo’s wife Sam co-wrote the script and co-stars with her husband.


“All I See Is You” (R). Blake Lively is a blind woman who has an operation, regains her sight and discovers her marriage and life are not what she thought.

“Loving Vincent” (PG-13). This animated film follows a postman’s son who is assigned to deliver the final letter written by Vincent van Gogh just before his death. But the recipient, his brother Theo, is also dead, so the lad goes to the artist’s community and meets with several friends, acquaintances and models known to van Gogh.

“Jigsaw” (R). Yet another sequel in the gory, torture-filled “Saw” franchise, with Tobin Bell as the title character, gathering yet another group of strangers for one of his grisly unwinnable games. This is the eighth film in the series.