For Hicksflicks.com, May 31, 2013

The Sapphires (PG-13 for sex, violence, language). Exclusively in Salt Lake City at the downtown Broadway Cinemas.

Offbeat little Australian musical set in 1968 and based on a true story stars up-and-comer Chris O'Dowd as a boozy failed entrepreneur who discovers a quartet of Aboriginal singers, three sisters and a cousin, whose natural talent surprises him.

So he takes them under his wing, talks them into dropping their country-western set in favor of soul music and manages to get some gigs performing for combat soldiers in Vietnam.

Wonderfully emotive, funny and heartfelt, with something to say about racism, wartime and familial responsibility, and the 1968 Australian and Vietnam settings are very well re-created.

O'Dowd is a hoot and the four performers playing the girls are adept actors and singers. (And if you like O'Dowd, track down his hilarious British TV series "The IT Crowd.")