For Hicksflicks.com, Dec. 20, 2013

Fans of USA cable channel's comedy-mystery series "Psych" have been psyched for months about the prospect of a musical version of the show that would air in December to close out  Season 7. (No new episodes have aired since Episode 14 last May.)

After it aired on Sunday, Dec. 15, officially as Episodes 15 and 16, a seamless 90-minute version went to DVD two days later as Psych: The Musical."

In this episode, as fans have come to expect from t he show, nothing is sacred. This hilarious spoof of musicals, of TV series in general and with the usual array of obscure pop-culture references, also spoofs the tropes of "Psych" itself as fake-psychic Shawn riffs on his own character.

In fact, it even spoofs the fact that it's a musical. Toward the end, while Shawn (James Roday) is singing to Jules (Maggie Lawson) over the phone, she asks, "Shawn, why are you singing?" Very funny.

The songs are snappy and fun, moving the action along, and all the regular cast members participate showing off their singing and dancing chops — well, everyone except Shawn's dad (Corbin Bernsen), who declines in the first scene in a very funny way.

Roday is an adequate singer, Timothy Omundson (as Lassie) makes fun of his own bass voice, and Lawson and Kirsten Nelson (as the police chief) prove to have the stuff for musical comedy. But the one that really shines is Dule Hill (as Shawn's best pal/partner Gus).

Hill had demonstrated his amazing tap-dancing skills in earlier episodes (included among the bonus shows) and he's great — although his big dance number is cut short, then relegated to an extended scene among the extras. (The set also includes an audio CD of six songs from the soundtrack.)

"Psych: The Musical" is a winner, and if any fans of the show out there managed to miss it, here's your chance to catch up. You won't be sorry.