For Hicksflicks.com, May 9, 2014

Craig Johnson's best-selling novels about Wyoming sheriff Walt Longmire are an ultra-cool mix of modern-day sensibilities clashing with laid-back Western life, and clashes with modern high-tech police procedures and old-school detective work.

And "Longmire," the TV series adaptation for the A&E cable channel is faithful, funny, occasionally chilling and brimming with rich characterizations, led by Australian actor Robert Taylor (without the accent, of course) as the John Wayne-style seeker of justice who refuses to carry a cellphone.

Katee Sackhoff is Pennsylvania city girl Victoria Moretti, a former Philadelphia homicide detective who tries, unsuccessfully, to pull her boss into the 21st century.


          Katee Sackhoff, Robert Taylor dodging bullets in 'Longmire.'

And Lou Diamond Phillips is Henry Standing Bear, Longmire's longtime pal, who runs the local tavern/café and serves as both sounding board and conscience to his friend.

Longmire is a widower with a secret, part of a mystery that unravels as the series progresses. His daughter Cady (Cassidy Freeman) is a local attorney. And Deputy Branch Connally (Bailey Chase) has political ambitions of his own eventually running for sheriff against his boss.

Meanwhile, these over-arcing stories give way to the cleverly plotted murders-of-the-week.

Season 2 has been a long time coming to DVD, but it arrives on Tuesday (May 13), just in time for Season 3 to start up on A&E on June 2.


And a Blu-ray set of the first two seasons arrives from Warner Archive on May 27.

If you haven't discovered "Longmire" yet, check out the first two seasons (they contain only 10 and 13 episodes, respectively). You won't be sorry.