For Hicksflicks.com, June 6, 2014

Be honest now. When you hear the title "Edge of Tomorrow," don't you think of a daytime soap opera? And doesn't "The Fault in Our Stars" sound like a sci-fi space opera?

But it's actually the other way around: "Edge of Tomorrow" is a sci-fi thriller and "The Fault in Our Stars" is a soap opera.

At least "Fault" is based on a book, so the title may be familiar to potential moviegoers. But "Edge of Tomorrow"? Who came up with that?

And, by the way, if you're a fan of the TV Land sitcom "Hot in Cleveland," you may recognize the title "Edge of Tomorrow" as the fictional daytime soap opera that Wendie Malick's character Victoria Chase starred in for 27 years.

Too much trivia? OK, let's move on.

"Edge of Tomorrow" and "The Fault in Our Stars" both open this weekend, and that's it for major releases. Over at the art houses are "Chinese Puzzle," "Ida" and "Filth."

"Edge of Tomorrow" (PG-13) is a big-budget sci-fi spectacle about a futuristic war against aliens, starring Tom Cruise and set against a "Groundhog Day"-style time-travel battlefield motif. Co-stars include Emily Blunt and Bill Paxton.

"The Fault in Our Stars" (PG-13), based on the novel by John Green, follows a teenage girl (Shailene Woodley) with cancer and a teenage boy (Ansel Elgort) in remission who meet at a support group. He woos her, despite her misgivings since her life will likely be cut short. Co-stars include Laura Dern and Willem Dafoe.

"Chinese Puzzle" (R) is a French comedy-drama playing exclusively at the Broadway Centre Cinemas in downtown Salt Lake City, the third in a trilogy that began with "The Spanish Apartment" (2002) and "Russian Dolls" (2005), about friends, lovers and ex-partners, starring Roman Duris, Kelly Reilly and Audrey Tatou.

"Ida" (PG-13), also exclusively at the Broadway, is a melodrama filmed in black and white about a young woman in 1960s Poland who is about to take her vows to become a nun when she discovers she is Jewish and that her family has secrets dating back to the Nazi occupation. In Polish with English subtitles.

"Filth" (R), exclusively at the Tower Theater in Salt Lake City, follows a British corrupt cop (James McAvoy) who is having a manic break with reality as he tries to undermine fellow police officers in competition for a promotion. Co-stars include Jamie Bell, Imogene Poots and Jim Broadbent.