For Hicksflicks.com, March 21, 2014

For Disney, 2013 was a good year.

True, the Mouse House took a hit (in a bad way) with "The Lone Ranger," but Disney more than bounced back with four titles that landed in the year-end top 10, no mean feat: "Iron Man 3" (No. 2, after the "Hunger Games" sequel), "Frozen" (No. 3), "Monsters University" (No. 7) and "Oz the Great and Powerful" (No. 10).

And this week we have the animated musical "Frozen" (PG) and the comedy-drama "Saving Mr. Banks" (PG-13) — which came in at No. 43 on the year-end chart and stars Tom Hanks as Walt himself — on DVD and Blu-ray. (Actually, "The Lone Ranger" came in higher, No. 40, but is considered a flop because it cost so much it has yet to go into the black.)

"Frozen" is the biggest animated hit for Disney since "The Lion King," and that was 20 years ago. (We're not counting Pixar hits, of course.) And it's a wonderful, bright and gorgeously animated addition to their princess collection — with two princesses, actually — in a story freely adapted from Hans Christian Andersen's "The Snow Queen."

"Saving Mr. Banks" tells the story of cheerful Walt Disney wooing prickly P.L. Travers (Emma Thompson) at the happiest place on earth in an effort to get the rights to make "Mary Poppins" into a movie. Both stars are exceptional and the film is funny and, in flashbacks to Travers' youth, quite sad.

Both films are well worth watching, and they're so good you may not even mind adding to the overflowing Disney coffers.