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For, Friday, Dec. 1, 2017

No major-studio flicks are opening this week, no blockbusters to compete with “Coco,” “Justice League” or “Thor: Ragnarok.” But there are three art-house pictures starting exclusive engagements, one of them filmed in Utah (but set primarily in Southern California).

“The Breadwinner” (PG-13). This adult animated feature sets its story in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, circa 2001, where a man is falsely arrested, prompting his 11-year-old daughter to masquerade as a boy so she can work to support her family. A multi-cultural production funded by Canada, Ireland and Luxembourg with Angelina Jolie as an executive producer. (Exclusively at the Broadway Centre Cinemas.)

“The Jade Pendant” (Not rated, in English, and in Mandarin with English subtitles). A Chinese girl (Clara Lee) escapes from an arranged marriage and eventually arrives in Southern California’s Chinatown, circa 1871. This fictional tale is set against the true story of the largest mass lynching in American history. Filmed in Utah. (Exclusively at the AMC West Jordan 12 Theaters.)


“Indivisible” (Not rated, in Italian with English subtitles). Seventeen-year-old Siamese twin sisters, played by identical twins (but not conjoined) Angela and Marianna Fontana, sing and perform locally to support their family, but when they meet a doctor who says he can separate them, their world changes. (Exclusively at the Broadway Centre Cinemas.)

“Tad the Lost Explorer and the Secret of King Midas” (Not rated, animated). Tad Stone, a Spanish bricklayer living in Chicago, dreams of being an Indiana Jones-style archaeologist/adventurer — and he gets his chance when he is mistaken for someone else and finds himself on a flight to Peru in search of a lost city. This is a 2012 cartoon feature made for Spanish television. (Exclusively at the Cinemark Jordan Landing Theaters.)

“My Friend Dahmer” (R). This true psychodrama (based on a graphic novel) relates the making of a serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, who ritualistically murdered and cannibalized 17 men and boys over 13 years in Milwaukee. The focus is on Dahmer’s high school years and he’s played by heretofore squeaky-clean singer/actor Ross Lynch, of the pop-rock band R5 and a Disney Channel TV star. (Exclusively at the Regal Crossroads 14 Theaters.)