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For Hicksflicks.com, Friday, April 10, 2020

EDITOR’S NOTE: Another sleazy 1980s flick is inexplicably rewarded with a Blu-ray upgrade by the Vinegar Syndrome label (with loads of bonus features). My review was published in the Deseret News on Feb. 9, 1984.

“High school honor student by day, Hollywood hooker by night.” This is one case where the ads tell it all. Almost.

All the ads for “Angel” leave out is that it’s also one of the most ridiculous exploitationers this season.


                   Donna Wilkes, 'Angel' (1984)

Having been abandoned by her parents at age 12, Donna Wilkes (now 15) continues her studies and makes good, but she finances her lifestyle by being a prostitute by night.

Considering the crummy apartment she keeps, she should consider waitressing instead.


         Dick Shawn, Donna Wilkes, 'Angel' (1984)

In this fantasy world, pimps, streetwalkers and hoods are all friendly, good-hearted folk, including transvestite Dick Shawn and aged cowboy Rory Calhoun.

And there’s a vicious killer on the loose, of course.

Rated R for violence, sex, nudity, profanity, “Angel” is a dreadful film, a real mess, with only occasional unintentional laughs (and not enough of those) making it barely bearable. (And I’m not embarrassed to admit that I walked out of this one early.)