For, Feb. 7, 2014

One of the better two-part network-television movies of the 1980s is CBS's "Windmills of the Gods" (1988), a thriller adapted from the novel by Sidney Sheldon.

Jaclyn Smith, a former member of those bikini-clad crime-fighters in "Charlie's Angels," stars as a widowed university professor who becomes the U.S. ambassador to Romania, where she finds herself embroiled in political intrigue and a target for assassination.

Smith, who was at this point in her career was making a second career of TV miniseries, delivers a serviceable performance alongside Robert Wagner, who comes to her aid. But can she trust him?

Co-stars include Franco Nero, Ian McKellen, Michael Moriarty, Ruby Dee and Betsy Palmer.

This is one of those shows that sort of acts as comfort food. It's not a classic but it is an enjoyable three-hour mystery with agreeable stars.

And it's one of those movies that people have been asking about for years, so its fan base will be happy to see that it has finally arrived on DVD (as of Feb. 11).