For, Friday, Dec. 26, 2014

Faith Domergue was one of those underrated actresses in the 1940s and '50s that was stuck in B movies but distinguished herself with the ability to switch from good girl to bad girl as the roles demanded, and she excelled at both.

"Spin a Dark Web" (1956, b/w, aka "Soho Incident") calls for her to play a femme fatale and she does so wonderfully in this British film noir, one of three films she made in England in the mid-1950s (she plays the good girl in the other two).

Here she's a member of a mob family being romanced by a Canadian World War II veteran (Lee Patterson) living in London and trying to scratch out a living as a boxer.

But his relationship with Domergue leads to his being slyly recruited by her family for some dirty work, and soon he begins to wonder if what he's doing is for love or because he's being played for a sap.


If you've seen many film noir movies you know the answer to that, but this one is pretty good, ratcheting up the suspense as Patterson gets deeper and deeper into criminal entanglements, ultimately leading to murder.

This one has long been unavailable, but thanks to the Sony Choice Collection label for manufacture-on-demand titles, "Spin a Dark Web" is finally out there, just waiting to be appreciated by fans of B-movie mystery-thrillers.