For, July 16, 2013

Giant robots invade cinemas this week in "Pacific Rim," as the near future has these robots designed as weapons operated by two "pilots" working as one. The plot has the massive mechanical creatures being called into action to save the world when marauding monsters arise from the Pacific Ocean.

Going up against "Pacific Rim" in what is referred to in the industry as a counterprogramming move is a comedy sequel, "Grown Ups 2," with Adam Sandler and his pals Chris Rock, Kevin James and David Spade reprising their roles from the first "Grown Ups." Consider yourselves warned.

Art-house fare this week includes "Pandora's Promise," a documentary about nuclear power, and "Fill the Void," a PG-rated Israeli film about a young woman whose desire for independence is stifled as she's pressure to marry her late sister's husband, both at the Broadway Centre Cinemas. At the Tower is Neil Jordan's R-rated vampire tale "Byzantium."