For, May 2, 2014

Last weekend the Cameron Diaz comedy "The Other Woman" (PG-13) displaced "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" (PG-13) as the No. 1 box-office winner, with Marvel's superhero comic-book movie falling to No. 2.

But the real surprise was "Heaven Is For Real," which came in at No. 3, and after two weeks the faith film has earned $52 million. Granted that's not even close to the $170 million that "Captain America" has earned so far, but that one also cost $170 million to make; "Heaven Is For Real" cost only $12 million to make.

Do the math. Any way you slice it, "Heaven" is a huge hit and has turned a healthy profit for its independent investors.

This week there is only one major Hollywood movie opening, yet another Marvel production, and it's a monster, "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" (PG-13), which will doubtless dominate the weekend's moviegoing business. And maybe next weekend's as well.

The sequel again stars Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, and Emma Stone as his girlfriend Gwen Stacy. Sally Field is also back as Aunt May and there's a new villain this time around, Electro, played by Jamie Foxx.

Also new this week is the documentary "Farmland" (not rated), focusing on young American farmers struggling in today's economy. Surprisingly, it's playing exclusively at Megaplex's Jordan Commons theaters rather than the Tower or the Broadway.

The Broadway does have two new exclusive runs, however: "Breathe In" (R) in which a foreign-exchange student (Felicity Jones) moves in with a family in upstate New York, and causes no small amount of friction between the husband and wife (Guy Pearce, Amy Ryan). Kyle MacLachlan co-stars. And "Stranger By the Lake" (not rated) is a French-language gay romance/murder mystery.

Over at the Tower is "Blue Ruin" (R), a very low-budget thriller about a homeless man who learns the killer of his parents is being released from prison, so he plots revenge, which leads to a war between families.