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For, Aug. 30, 2013

OK, it's really just an update of "Les Miserables" by way of Alfred Hitchcock, but "The Fugitive," newly released in a Blu-ray 20th anniversary edition, is perhaps the best movie ever made from a TV series, and with Harrison Ford and Oscar-winner Tommy Lee Jones at the top of their game for the leading roles, it's better than just entertaining.

This is also the best movie by director Andrew Davis, whose subsequent work has included some watchable pictures but nothing that comes close to this film's success, either artistically or at the box office (it was the No. 3 movie of 1993, behind "Jurassic Park" and "Mrs. Doubtfire").

Harrison Ford is excellent as Dr. Richard Kimble, wrongly convicted of killing his wife (Sela Ward) when there is no evidence of the one-armed man he saw commit the murder. So when a fortuitous bus-train crash (and what a spectacular crash it is!) sets him free, he goes on the run to find the killer and clear his name.

Great action, great dialogue and a scene-stealing performance by Tommy Lee Jones, this is one of those movies that somehow gets better the more often you see it.

This Blu-ray disc has all the previously issued bonus features, plus a new half-hour making-of featurette that has interviews with all of the principles, and a not-bad TV pilot for the 2000 revival of "The Fugitive," starring Timothy Daly, which lasted a single season.