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For, Friday, May 25, 2018

EDITOR’S NOTE: George Lucas’ ‘Star Wars’ movies came to Blu-ray for the first time seven years ago. It was a big deal back then, which may surprise younger fans, since collections are now being rapidly replaced by online services. I was annoyed with yet another re-release of the ‘Star Wars’ films reaching for my wallet and said so in this column, published Aug. 27, 2010 (it’s short because there were four sections with four topics; this was the lead). Three different Blu-ray sets were released on Sept. 16, 2011, including ‘Star Wars: The Complete Saga,’ which contained all six films that we had at the time. (In answer to the obvious question, yes I did eventually spring for the ‘Complete Saga’ set on Blu-ray, but no, I will not indulge myself when the 4K upgrades eventually arrive on the scene. Honest. No, really; I mean it this time.)

MEMO TO GEORGE LUCAS: I am not buying “Star Wars” again, no matter how fabulous the Blu-ray edition is or how many “lost” scenes turn up between now and fall 2011.

In case you missed it (not likely), Lucas is reissuing the original “Star Wars” trilogy (technically “Episodes 4-6”) on Blu-ray next fall, just in time for Christmas (surprise, surprise).


And the bonus features will include at least one deleted scene with which Lucas has teased uber-fans over the years but has never officially released.

Having already purchased the “Star Wars” films five or six times over the past two decades, I could devote an entire bookshelf to the those movies alone.

And the DVDs I already have play beautifully on my Blu-ray player, thank you very much.


Of course, if Lucas were to offer a rebate on the “Star Wars” Blu-rays to those who purchased previous editions (meaning everyone on the planet), maybe I’d consider the exchange.

But that’s not going to happen.

As Boba Fett would say, “Greed is good.”

Or was that from some other movie?