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For Hicksflicks.com, April 1, 2013

"The Honky Problem" (1991) is a short cartoon (just under two minutes) by animator Mike Judge, made before he hit it big with "Beavis and Butt-head" and "King of the Hill," and those cult-favorite live-action movies, "Office Space" and "Idiocracy."

In Judge's distinctively crude style, the cartoon opens with the credits on the back of a pickup truck, with a license plate that tells us we're in Texas. Then we see the back of a house trailer in the middle of nowhere, as a three-piece country band gets ready to perform on a platform. The guitarist in the middle says, "Hello, I'm Inbred Jed," and he begins a bizarre introduction to an equally bizarre song.

As he performs we see people in the audience — first an older woman who cringes, then plugs her ears and closes her eyes; then a young couple holding hands, as the young man spits chewing tobacco (some of which lands on the woman's bare midrift) and says, "We shoulda went bowlin' "; and finally, a long-haired, bearded, middle-aged man who shouts, "Play some Skynnard, man" and then makes an obscene gesture as the band launches again into the same song they sang the first time. At this point, a serious-sounding narrator begins speaking and says:

"What you have just seen is real but it could have been avoided. Before you decide to have children, check with the Mormon Church to make sure that you and your spouse are not related. Remember, in-breeding is everybody's problem."

Now there's a curious endorsement of the LDS Church's genealogical efforts.

"The Honky Problem" was released theatrically as part of "Spike & Mike's Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation," a collection of bizarre, independently made — and often quite raunchy — cartoons that played in art houses around the country. The short was also shown on MTV's "Liquid Television" program in the early 1990s and can be found today on YouTube.