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Joyce took the photo on the left before the show started; yes, I was awake.

For Hicksflicks.com, Jan. 3, 2014

During our holiday vacation down South — that is, down in southern Utah, where we went to a lot of the holiday movies and celebrated the New Year in our usual raucous style (watching the Times Square ball drop on TV and observing St. George fireworks from a nearby overlook) — we took a day and went to Las Vegas.

Well, actually, we didn't go into Las Vegas; we didn't see the Strip. Rather, we spent some time on the outskirts, including a visit to a Christmas-lighted cactus garden and a nearby movie theater in Henderson.

Now, Henderson isn't exactly a place where one would expect to find a theater that's out of the ordinary, especially in an upscale way, but in fact that's exactly what we found — Galaxy Theaters Luxury+.

And that name isn't an exaggeration. The six auditoriums are intimate (the largest is 150 seats, the smallest under 50), and each one features plush, red reclining chairs. It's like being in your own living room — if you had a 40-foot TV.

To say it's comfort viewing is to understate. And the prices weren't jacked up; they're just what you'd pay at any other movie theater.

My wife and I went to a matinee for "Mandela: The Long Walk to Freedom," which just happened to be playing at a convenient time, and it was quite luxurious indeed.

We bought lunch at the concession counter (bratwurst for me, nachos for Joyce), ignored the beer and wine counter (hey, it's Nevada — but at least there were no slots) and had a bit of a lie-down to watch the movie.

Actually, it's more comfortable than our home. Perhaps it's time to invest in a Barcalounger.

Anyway, if you're down that way and in the mood for a movie, think Galaxy Luxury+ — you won't be sorry.