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For Hicksflicks.com, Feb. March 28, 2014

An interesting missive came my way last week, an email from one of my DVD contacts asking that Sony Choice Collection titles not be referred to as MODs, or manufacture-on-demand discs.

The reason is that the general public has apparently come to believe that MODs are inferior to regular commercial DVDs because they are recorded on DVD-R discs.

But in reality, it doesn't matter. DVD-Rs are every bit as good-looking as pressed discs, even on Blu-ray machines. You can't really tell the difference.

In fact, the distinction is apparently something that doesn't affect playback at all; it's more a recording choice.

I have watched many, many MODs and I've never had a problem with them. They look great, they play great and they include many titles that I love and thought for many years I would never see on DVD.

So no complaints from this corner.


The DVDs you see pictured here are all on MOD vintage-title DVD-R discs, I've watched them all and they're fabulous.

So when you buy an MOD disc from the many vintage-title labels that are online now — Sony Choice Collection or Warner Archive or Fox Cinema Archive or MGM Limited Edition Collection or Universal Vault Series — fear not. It's not a ripoff; it's just a different name.

Having said that, some are more expensive than others. Many start out priced in the $20 range, which is more than anyone wants to pay for a movie unless they really love it and just can't wait.

When you're buying, go to the origin websites. For Warner Archive, Sony Choice Collection and MGM Limited Collection that would be the Warner Archive site where they are initially put up for $18.95, but eventually drop to the $15 range. And the site frequently has sales that bring titles down to $10 apiece or less.