For, Oct. 17, 2014

Lots of new movies are opening this week, including two wartime films — a Brad Pitt vehicle and a documentary on Vietnam — along with an eclectic mix of genres among six other titles.

"Fury" (R). Pitt leads the cast in this World War II action drama about a five-man crew taking a Sherman tank behind enemy lines during the Allies' final push against the Nazis in Europe. Co-stars include Shia LeBeouf and Michael Pena.

"The Book of Life" (PG). Stop-motion-style computer animated feature about two gods toying with a love triangle on earth between an aspiring singer/guitarist and a strutting military hero, both of whom are pursuing a free-spirited young woman, which leads to obstacles to be overcome in three fantasy worlds. Voice cast includes Zoe Saldana, Channing Tatum, Diego Luna, Christina Applegate, Ron Perlman, Ice Cube, Danny Trejo and Hector Elizondo.

"The Best of Me" (PG-13). The latest Nicholas Sparks adaptation has former high school sweethearts reuniting 20 years later, after the boy has served a prison sentence and the girl has moved on, getting married and having a child. Michelle Monaghan, James Marsden, Gerald McRaney and Caroline Goodall star.

"The Song" (PG-13) is a faith film with a familiar story as a failing singer-songwriter suddenly hits the big time and finds himself succumbing to the usual temptations. This, just after he has married and written a song for his wife, which becomes his first hit. Alan Powell and Ali Faulkner star.

"Men, Women & Children" (R). Timely, raunchy comedy-drama with multiple storylines about teens and adults navigating the ever-changing world of social media. Stars include Adam Sandler, Jennifer Garner, Emma Thompson and Judy Greer.

"Last Days in Vietnam" (not rated). Documentary about the moral quandary of U.S. soldiers in Vietnam who are told to evacuate only Americans during the final weeks of the war as Saigon falls and panicked Vietnamese civilians attempt to escape. Exclusively at the Tower Theater in Salt Lake City.

"Pride" (not rated). British comedy based on the true story of gay activists who worked to help miners during a lengthy strike of the National Union of Mineworkers in the summer of 1984. Stars include bill Nighy, Imelda Staunton and Dominic West. Exclusively at the Broadway Centre Cienmas in Salt Lake City.

"Addicted" (R). Successful businesswoman (Sharon Leal) runs an art gallery, has a husband and two children but can't resist indulging a sex addiction that leads to dangerous affairs. Exclusively at the Cinemark Jordan Landing in South Jordan.