For, Sept. 5, 2014

The first week of Hollywood's fall season hasn't brought us any major studio releases, as if we were extending August until fall officially arrives (officially on Sept. 22).

The two "wide" openings today are an independent family drama and a youth "vampire" fantasy that are taking advantage of the empty weekend to open in theaters all around the country. We also get a couple of art films that have been playing in the big cities for a few weeks.

"The Identical" (PG). Blake Rayne plays two brothers separated at birth, one growing up to become a rock 'n' roll star and the other also musically inclined but repressed by his ultra-conservative evangelist father who expects his son to be a pastor. (In the trailer, the latter plot seems to resemble "The Jazz Singer.") Ray Liotta, Ashley Judd and Seth Green co-star.

"Innocence" (PG-13) based on a youth novel is about a girl in an elite Manhattan prep school that learns her "sisters" are a coven extending their lives by drinking the blood of virgins. Sounds lovely. Stars include Sophie Curtis, Kelly Reilly, Graham Phillips and Linus Roache.

"The One I Love" (R) is a comedy-drama with sci-fi elements that casts Elizabeth Moss and Mark Duplass as a married couple on the brink of separation when their therapist (Ted Danson) suggests a retreat. There, however, they find something completely unexpected, which has been described as a sort of "Twilight Zone" twist. Exclusively at the Tower Theater in Salt Lake City.

"Rich Hill" (not rated), exclusively at Salt Lake's Broadway Centre Cinemas, is a documentary about three teens growing up in the impoverished town of Rich Hill, Missouri, where, despite less-than-encouraging circumstances, they look forward to living out the American dream.