For, Aug. 8, 2014

The major releases this week include a low-key comedy-drama produced by Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg, along with a ridiculous storm, Ninja Turtles and dancing all-stars. There's also a documentary by James Cameron (with his name in the title, just in case) and a trio of French features at the local art houses.

"The Hundred-Foot Journey" (PG). Helen Mirren stars in this comedy-drama as the uptight owner of a French restaurant who feels challenged when an Indian eatery opens across the street. Indian actor Om Puri co-stars. Produced by Winfrey and Spielberg.

"Into the Storm" (PG-13) is a special effects-driven yarn about a string of deadly tornadoes that strike a Midwest small town in rapid succession. Sounds like a Syfy cable thriller, especially as it has a no-name cast, but the budget is bigger, the effects more convincing and it's a found-footage plot.


"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" (PG-13). This reboot of the popular, if decidedly odd, franchise goes back to the origin story as the four mutated six-feet talking turtles learn their martial arts skills from a rat named Splinter and take on the Foot Gang, led by Shredder. Humans include Megan Fox, Will Arnett, Whoopi Goldberg and William Fichtner.

"Step Up: All In" (PG-13) is the fifth entry in the "Step Up" series about competitive dancing, this time bringing "all-stars" from previous films together in Las Vegas.

"James Cameron's Deepsea Challenge 3D" (PG) is the fulfillment of a childhood dream for the "Avatar"/"Titanic" filmmaker, a documentary that follows his journey to the bottom of the sea, literally to the deepest part of the ocean.

"Mood Indigo" (not rated, in French with English subtitles) is a romantic fantasy about a quirky romance between a wealthy bachelor (Romain Duris) and a kooky young woman (Audrey Tautou). After their marriage, she contracts a rare (and bizarre) illness caused by a flower growing in her lungs. Exclusively at the Tower Theater in Salt Lake City.

 "Yves Saint Laurent" (R, in French with English subtitles). Biographical film of the famed French designer from the beginning of his career in 1958 to the end of his life. Exclusively at the Broadway Center Cinemas in downtown Salt Lake City.

 "A Summer's Tale" (not rated, in French with English subtitles) This marks the first U.S. release for this 1996 Eric Rohmer film, the second of his four "Tales of the Four Seasons" comedy-dramas about romance. Here, a mathematician/musician meets three women during a seaside vacation and ultimately must choose between them. Exclusively at Salt Lake's Broadway Centre.